The Wing Chun School Barnet is run by Instructor George Nahlis.

He is a personal student of Si Gung Garry Mackenzie, who guides him in deepening his knowledge and skills, as well as provide an understanding of teaching other students. He also attend the seminars provided by the School.

He trained under the tutelage of Sifu Kola Fajimolu and assist with children’s and adults classes at the Enfield branch. 

Sifu Garry McKenzie, is the head instructor of The Wing Chun School HQ, North London. Sifu Garry McKenzie is a direct student of Grandmaster Ip Ching.  www.thewingchunschool.co.uk

George endeavours to practice with focus and attention to detail and apply wing chun’s simple and effective principles. Practicing the art of Wing Chun is a gateway enabling the practitioner to react instinctively and to develop the awareness and skill needed to outmanoeuvre an attacker. 

The Wing Chun system itself is straightforward in it’s approach, both in teaching and application. Regardless of personal interpretation, Ip Man has key principles that all masters of the system should know. For example: ‘Economy of Motion’, and ‘Conservation of Energy’ – these two principles intertwine and relate to each other. Basically the practitioner must think of Directness as opposed to Indirectness.

The Wing Chun Style has probably one of the shortest training syllabus amongst the ‘Traditional’ Chinese Martial Arts, based on a scientific & mathematical approach to combat.

Private lessons for individual students and small groups available in private studio in Central and North London – daytime and evenings by arrangement